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We travel to your home or office to fix troublesome computers and help solve your computer problems. – Computer Upgrade and Servicing Center

Whether your computer is running slowly or recently crashed, Tedicted can help you get back on track.An unresponsive or sluggish PC can be easily improved through servicing or affordable part upgrades.

Discover your PC or laptop’s full potential with expert hardware support from Tedicted.

Our PC repair experts will come to your home or office at a time that is convenient to you, to fix any hardware related issues for your PC or laptop – guaranteed or  “NO FIX NO FEE”.

Why your PC or Laptop becomes slow ?

There can be a number of reasons for a slow computer. Sometimes, it’s because your computer is bogged down and cluttered with programs and files it simply doesn’t need. Other times, there may be malware running in the background and eating up computer resources, or it could be just a case of outdated hardware causing a delayed response.

Do i need to purchase a new PC or Laptop ?

If your computer problems are the result of outdated hardware, you don’t always need a new PC or laptop. To get the feeling and benefits of a new system – we can recommend upgrades that won’t cost you much.

Services we offer -:

  • Come to your home or business at a time convenient for you
  • Troubleshoot any system issues on your Windows PC or Apple Mac
  • Upgrade your computer’s hardware
  • Upgrade your computer’s software or install a new operating system
  • Optimise computer settings to suit the way you use it
  • Tweak your Internet settings or upgrade your router for better connectivity
  • Detect and clear your computer of malware, and update your system and security suite

Frequently Asked Questions -:

Our services are available everyday up to 8pm.

No we provide our services for all brands.

No worries we can reschedule another appointment or you may give us your address where we will collect your device and will deliver to you on promised time.

As long as your hard drive and data integrity are still in good shape, Tedicted always begins every service with a complete backup of your system and data. If there is a problem with the data on your system, we will notify you of the problem and discuss the options you have going forward.

Most repairs take 2-3 days to complete. There are situations where the repairs may take longer such as when parts have to be ordered. Techguy911 strives to only use high quality, often original equipment replacement parts and not use cheap, knock-off, low quality parts that will only fail in a short amount of time. These parts are not always readily available, especially for older computers so it may take some time to source the proper replacement parts.

Currently no but in near future we will be into the market.

We will happy to answer them. Call us – 7608055463 or mail us at –